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10 Ways to Reduce Hand & Knuckle Pain

Pain in the hands and knuckles is not only a common condition for millions of people, it can also be quite debilitating. Many suffer from ailments that cause chronic pain such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage, or possibly even tendonitis. When there is so much pain in the hands, it begins to affect our daily lives. Not only does it make tasks more difficult to perform but it can also prevent you from doing many things you love. For instance, hand and knuckle pain may keep you from gardening, fishing, golfing, cooking, beading, quilting, working on the car: the list is endless since our hands are one of the most used body parts. This is why it is important to treat hand and knuckle pain (as well as other hand injuries) as quickly and as safe as possible. Individuals who suffer from pain in their hands, often want pain relief immediately. Mostly, this is because life doesn’t wait around for our hands to start feeling better; however, there are a variety of treatment options for those who suffer from hand or knuckle pain, and most of them are not only natural but also easy to do. If you have experienced pain in your hands for years, you may have heard of some of these treatment options before. However, not all of the treatment options out there, may have been explained to you by your doctor. Most hand and knuckle pain involves inflammation and swelling, and also stiffness or soreness. Most treatment options include ways to reduce that inflammation, which can reduce swelling; leading to less pain. Millions of Americans resort to a variety of treatment options every year; some safe, and some not so safe. There are several treatment options that involve natural healing and some can even be done in your own home or gym. Here is a list of the top 10 ways to relieve pain in the hands, wrists, fingers, and joints.




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