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Avoid Surgery: Ease Joint Pain with Medical Creams

More and more Americans are faced with the threat of a knee replacement. They desire to lead a more active life free of the pain of osteoarthritis. While surgery may be the best option for those whose condition is disabling, you may also be able to delay the need for surgery or avoid surgery altogether even if you are already exhibiting symptoms.

Your Weight and It’s Role with Joint Pain

Obesity is one of the main factors that contribute to joint pain. Excess weight puts unnecessary strain on joints and quickens the breakdown of cartilage. Some even suggest that excess weight can also contribute to the development of arthritis even in joints that do not bear weight.

The good news is that even as little as a 5 percent loss in body weight can reduce the risk of developing arthritis later on in life. In addition, those who are already suffering from joint pain can decrease their pain by losing weight.

Staying Active can Do Wonders for Your Joints

Many people have developed osteoarthritis due to sports or the overuse of their joints. This may stop them from being as active in the future out of fear that they will further agitate their condition. However, routine physical activity actually promotes healthier cartilage.

Building muscle is important to support your joints. Physical activities, stretching, flexibility training and weight training are all beneficial in supporting your joints. A sedentary lifestyle will actually contribute to the likelihood of being disabled. Even if you work at a desk, you should take breaks to stretch; stretch your hands and legs and roll your shoulders.

Don’t Delay in Getting Treatment for Joint Injuries

Once you begin to feel discomfort in your joint. It is important to seek treatment. A joint that is left injured will continue to get worse. If you notice that a joint has become swollen or red and inflamed, seek medical treatment. In addition, if you have been feeling pain within your joint for an extended period of time, you should consult your health care provider.

Use Medical Creams to Reduce Pain

While your head may be telling you to get out and go for that walk you have been putting off, your pain may be the one that is running the show. Don’t let pain influence your decision making when the right steps may be to stretch and get moving.

Rather than popping pills, try a topical pain reliever. Medical creams like topical pain relievers can be rubbed directly onto the skin’s surface close to the painful joint. Joints that are close to the surface of the skin like elbows, knees, etc. will feel the most relief with a topical pain reliever.

When you take an oral pain reliever, your body must circulate that medicine to the affected area. In order to do this, it must travel throughout the body. Why expose parts of your body that do not need pain relief to these chemicals? You may have felt these unnecessary affects of a pain reliever if you have ever had an upset stomach after taking a pain reliever. Those with sensitive stomachs can not take oral pain medications making topical pain creams a great choice.

Although topical pain relievers are safer to use then oral medications, you should not use them unless instructed by a doctor. They should also not be used on a constant basis for longer than three weeks. If you find that you are using medical creams for pain relief continuously for longer than three weeks, consult your health care provider. In addition to topical pain relievers, you can use other forms of pain relief like applying hot and cold compressions and massage.

If you would like to avoid surgery in the future, you need to take care of your joints now. Changing your lifestyle in order to promote the health of you joints is vital for everyone. Even if you have problems with your joints, it is not too late to jump on the road to healthy joints.

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