Best Strains of Cannabis for Arthritis

Are you suffering from arthritis?

Here are the best strains of Cannabis for arthritis pain.


Arthritis is a universal term to refer to over two-hundred rheumatic diseases that affect the joints and connective tissues of a person. Symptoms of arthritic conditions include pain, inflammation, improper healing of injuries, tingling or numbness in extremities, and stiffness of joints. Arthritis usually affects females and the elderly although it can occur at any age range.

Having arthritis means is almost disabling and one will have a limited range of motion. Decreased joint mobility occurs as the condition progresses. Arthritis pain can be incapacitating and prevent the patient from accomplishing daily tasks and fully enjoying life. Everyday functions of the body is significantly impaired, affecting the sense of activity and overall quality of life. Joint pain can be intense and severe, and can last for several hours or even days.

Standard pain relievers for arthritis, whether prescriptive or over the counter, can ease some of the symptoms of the disorder, but these medications come with side effects. Long-term use of prescription drugs can lead to other illnesses and complications. Today, natural alternatives for pain management are better and practical options.

Most people suffering from arthritis turn to medical marijuana to relieve pain. With cannabis, there’s hope for those with arthritis to live a normal life again. The cause of arthritic pain is the inflammation in the joints. Cannabidiol (CBD) in cannabis has been found to be extremely useful in treating inflammation. CBD is beneficial for people with arthritis because of its analgesic properties. Cannabis is an effective source of natural pain reliever without the harmful side effects of traditional painkiller drugs.

Using the correct strains of marijuana can effectively reduce pain associated with arthritis. Today, several excellent high CBD strains are available in the market, and it’s easy to get confused which one is the best for treating arthritis. Read on to know more about the different strains of cannabis. The list below consists of the best cannabis strains for arthritis.


Top Strains of Cannabis




When treating arthritis pain, it’s important to keep in mind your specific symptom. One of the reasons traditional medicines can be ineffective as compared to medical marijuana is because many prescription drugs don’t account for symptoms beyond inflammation. For chiefly inflammatory pain accompanied with chronic fatigue, a hybrid strain like Harlequin is a good choice.

Harlequin is a sativa-dominant strain of medical marijuana. It promotes better energy levels in patients alongside remarkable pain relief because of its high cannabidiol (CBD) content. Harlequin’s high concentration of CBD also counteracts the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of the plant, meaning this strain is not intoxicating. It is ideal for patients who need daytime medication for arthritis symptoms.


Blue Widow


Blue widow is another hybrid strain, but it is slightly indica-dominant. It’s a calming strain of medical marijuana. Indicas are the best cannabis for sleep and insomnia. Taking indicas allow patients to sleep through the night. Blue widow’s parent strains are Blueberry, an indica known for its high THC content, and White Widow, another hybrid strain with a reputation for lifting moods and energy. Blue Widow is balanced enough that it provides both strong anti-inflammatory properties and deep relaxation.


Blue Aurora


Blue Aurora is an indica-dominant strain that is potent, which promotes full-body effects of drowsiness and calm. Blue Aurora, like Blue Widow, is great for treating insomnia, pain, depression, and even nausea to a certain extent. Some people with arthritis have gastrointestinal disorders as a symptom, and so this strain not only improve sleep but also appetite.

However, Blue Aurora have a few minor side effects that one should evaluate against its many benefits. Those who use the strain have reported to have dry mouth and moderately dry eyes.




Medical marijuana users love Cannatonic because of its low THC content and high CBD content. This strain offers therapeutic benefits without getting intoxicated. Cannatonic delivers a mild, yet short-lived high, which is relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Cannatonic is one of the most commonly used strains for its medicinal properties, so it’s definitely a top choice among arthritis patients. Aside from arthritis, Cannatonic is also a great option for treating depression, migraines, muscle spasms, and anxiety.


Black Lime Special Reserve


Black Lime Special Reserve is a top quality sativa strain that will make the user feel energetic, euphoric, relaxed, and focused. This is a strong sativa, so it doesn’t give the effect of tranquil and calm state, and it’s not recommended for nighttime use. Black Lime Special Reserve is most suitable as a daytime medication.

Arthritis patients can benefit from potent pain-killing properties of Black Lime Special Reserve. This strain is also an excellent treatment for depression, spasticity, and fatigue. Black Lime Special Reserve is a new strain that not everyone may have heard of yet. However, for those with arthritis or gout, this strain is highly recommended.




Another indica-dominant hybrid strain is the LSD, which delivers a cerebral high. Despite being named after a crazy hallucinogenic drug, LSD is a top choice among medical marijuana users. Although there isn’t a wrong time to take this strain, it is best used in the afternoons. This strain’s ability to make the user feel uplifted, happy, and even giggly is beneficial for patients with depression. This is also great for releasing stress and frustration through creative activities.


Charlotte’s Web


Charlotte’s Web is a popular cannabis strain because of its potency and its amazing ability to treat pain and epilepsy. This is a great strain for first-time medical marijuana users because the CBD content ensures that users won’t get intoxicated. It’s perfectly safe for daytime and even morning medication. However, some users experienced dizziness and headaches when using Charlotte’s Web.


Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain


Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, is one the top cannabis strains on the market as a pain reliever. This hybrid strain is known for its high THC content that offers full-body pain relief. With a sweet and earthy aroma, Girl Scout Cookies uplifts the user to euphoric state where full-body relaxation is achieved. A little goes a long way with this strain with THC levels that won a number of Cannabis Cup awards. GSC is best for treatment for severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss.




ACDC is the ultimate powerhouse strain that will take that pain away. This strain is a Sativa-dominant and it originates from Cannatonic. ACDC is famous for its low THC, high CBD ratio providing its users immediate pain relief without getting high.

ACDC smells earthy, sweet, and some may taste a hint of fruit. Users may be able to notice the cherry and lemongrass scent better when smoking the strain. There are also different delivery methods such as capsules, teas, tinctures, and lotions.

Medical patients with severe disorders such as epilepsy should definitely try this strain. Medical conditions that ACDC can help alleviate include cancer, alcoholism, seizures, and severe pain. However, there are patients with less severe conditions also use this strain.

A recent study conducted in New York University’s Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center studied a preparation of CBD in an agent called Epidiolex. Researchers found that the strain is safe, well tolerated, and effective.

Due to the balance in Sativa/Indica, users will feel an uplifting effect such as euphoria, peace, and happiness. One may feel more focused and sociable. Some have described the sensation as completely relaxing without any sign of worry.


Canna Tsu


Canna-Tsu is a hybrid strain that originates from two CBD-rich parents, Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. It has a sweet, earthy flavor when exhaled, complementing its subtle citrus aroma. With its high-CBD, low-THC cannabinoid profile, Canna-Tsu delivers its mild effects with mental clarity. Strains high in CBD such as Canna-Tsu are highly in demand for patients suffering from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures.




Medical marijuana is now becoming popular because of its therapeutic benefits. It is also significantly helping people with their day-to-day conditions such as arthritis. However, it is still best to discuss medical marijuana with your doctor before you try to dose with one of these strains. You need to understand and have an in-depth knowledge about where your pain originates, and what the worst symptoms of your arthritis are before you can properly treat your pain. Discuss openly about why marijuana is the best pain management therapy for you.

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