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Carrot Seed Oil’s Effects on Skin

We may have all heard that carrots are good for us. They are rich in Vitamin A and (if you’re like me) maybe your mom once told you that they will give you eyesight like Superman. However, most people are unaware of the oil that can be extracted from carrot seeds and can provide numerous health benefits. Carrot Seed Oil is extracted from the “wild carrot” (or Daucus Carota, commonly found in Europe) by steam distillation of the dried seeds of the carrot. This process gives us a natural, healing element that can be used for a variety of skin-care treatments.

Skin Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil
Carrot Seed Oil (CSO) is highly beneficial to the skin. It has been known to help rejuvenate and tighten the skin and provide nourishment to the skin. This is probably why it is found in a lot of beauty and skin creams. It has also been found to treat Dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and moisturizes the skin in general. However, did you know that it also aids in blood circulation and helps relieve tense muscles? CSO passes through the pores in the skin and actively reacts to the dermis and surrounding areas. It is known as not only an antiseptic but also as a disinfectant. CSO can rescue skin that is infected or burned and protect the area from further germs or infections. CSO contains high quantities of carotenoids. Carotenoids are antioxidants that exist in a variety of vegetables but are mostly found in carrots (hence the name). Antioxidants like Carotenoids protect human cells from free-radical attack (free-radicals are environmental hazards like UV rays and other pollutants). Antioxidants have the ability to prevent wrinkles, keep your hair from turning white, stop stiff joints, prevent macular degeneration, aid in weak digestion, and recently known to even treat some forms of skin cancer. Because it bonds well with other beneficial oils you can combine CSO with other topical solutions to help fight infection and damage from the sun.  This, combined with other factors, make Carrot Seed Oil a powerful solution to all types of skin burns.

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CSO can eliminate certain toxins like uric acid from the tissue, joints and muscles which aid in not only curing but alleviating the pain of arthritis in general. This can be good news if you are suffering from arthritis and prone to skin infections as well. As it is safe to use, it is recommended to most all demographics of people. Carrot Seed Oil contains so many beneficial results without any known side effects. When taken in proper amounts, it is even safe for toddlers and small children as well.  If you’ve never heard of CSO, be prepared. It is steadily becoming known as a miracle worker in the field of dermatology and rapidly spreading to other medical field.  For instance, CSO can also help cure liver infections such as jaundice by neutralizing excess bile secreted by the liver. Carrot Seed Oil has been known to treat viral infections of the respiratory system such as bronchitis and can even fight viral infections like the measles, a common cold, the flu and mumps.

Carrot Seed Oil contains a number of health benefits and the list seems ever growing. If you are looking for something that may help treat a skin infection naturally, CSO is your go-to source. Not counting the abundant applications CSO has for many health ailments, its main treatment is skin rescue. Being safe and reliable for all ages, it is a must have in anyone’s medicine cabinet. If you do suffer from some of the aforementioned afflictions, consider shopping around for products that contain carrot seed oil and other healthy, natural solutions. If you are curious for more information, consider talking with your physician or doing your own research online. There is plenty of information out there, especially since it is quickly gaining popularity, so try it for your own personal experience. You have nothing to lose!

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