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Center for Pain Management – Opioid Analgesics

Opioid Analgesics from a Center for Pain Management

When you visit a center for pain management, your medical team may recommend a range of options. In cases of acute pain, your pain specialist may prescribe opioid analgesics such as codeine, tramadol, meptazinol, morphine, buprenorphine, or dipipanone.

Codeine is used to treat mild to moderate pain, but can cause nausea and constipation. Tramadol is a stronger drug, but can also have some adverse effects. Meptazinol causes less respiratory depression than some other narcotic pain killers, but is recommended only for moderate pain.

Doctors at your center for pain management may also prescribe buprenorphine, which has a longer duration than other opioid analgesics but can cause vomiting. Dipipanone is less sedating but causes adverse affects that make it unsuitable for long-term use.

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