Comprehensive Pain Management Strategies That Work!

Pain can be an extremely debilitating thing to have to deal with that negatively impacts every aspect of your life. What’s even more frustrating about pain is that it is invisible to others and so many people will infuriatingly believe that you are exaggerating how you feel. The key to coping with this in the best way possible is to have a comprehensive pain management strategy that you use on a daily basis to reduce your pain and not let it in get in the way of your life. Let’s take a look at the key components of an effective strategy for overcoming pain.

Have A Regular Massage

One of the best solutions for managing pain in any part of your body is to have a regular massage from a trained practitioner. A massage can get rid of the knots in your tired aching muscles and provide a whole range of benefits that enable you to deal better with whatever pain remains, including easing stress and anxiety, which can compound pain. A medical study in 2011 found that the outcome of massage therapy in terms of pain-relief was comparable with acupuncture and medication. For this reason, massage therapy should play a part in any well thought-out comprehensive pain management strategy.

Get A Proper Medical Evaluation

Any comprehensive pain reduction program has to properly investigate the root cause of the pain to see if there may be a medical solution. For this reason, it is important to have a rigorous evaluation by a Doctor who specializes in pain to see if he can identify, whether by examination or through a scan, what is causing the pain from a physiological standpoint. If it is discovered that you have something that can be solved pretty straightforwardly, such as a slipped disc or a slightly misaligned spine, then a quick procedure may be all you need to live a pain-free life once more.

Get A Good, Supportive Mattress

One of the biggest causes of pain is sleeping on an unsuitable mattress that puts the back and body into an unnatural position. Considering that you may spend 7-9 hours a sleep each night, it is vitally important that you choose the right mattress to sleep on. Make sure you find a mattress that provides enough back support while also comfortably allowing you to get to sleep. Memory foam mattresses are also worth looking into, if you have the budget. Getting the right mattress and changing it every few years is a key part of a comprehensive pain management strategy.

Take High Quality Fish Oil Daily

Inflammation is what causes much of the pain in our muscle and one of the few highly effective natural methods for reducing this is to take fish oil on a daily basis. Packed full of nutrients and Omega 3, fish oil has been shown to reduce pain significantly even in really painful conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis. Your comprehensive pain management strategy should, at the very least, include one serving of cod liver oil per day (krill oil is even better) and possibly even two (one serving morning and night).

Putting together a comprehensive plan for managing pain can be challenging, however, by following these 4 key points you will definitely see a noticeable reduction in your overall pain in a short space of time.

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