Pain Relief Cream

Pain Relief Cream – Topical Pain Medications

Topical Pain Medications Include Pain Relief Cream

Topical pain medications such as pain relief cream are absorbed through the skin. Gels, sprays, rubs, and patches are also available.

When choosing topical pain killers or analgesics, pain clinic patients can purchase scented or unscented products. Often, over the counter (OTC) and prescription pain relief creams are used in conjunction with hot or cold packs.

Because topical pain medications such as pain relief cream are applied directly to the skin, many of these products contain counterirritants. Examples include menthol, methylsalicylate, and camphor. By creating a burning or cooling sensation that distracts the patient’s attention from the pain, these counterirritants offer psychological relief.

Topical pain medications are available at supermarkets, pharmacies, and drug stores. Pain relief cream is used to  relieve arthritis pain and for other ailments that can be treated with self-care.

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