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Relieving Your Pain With Capsicum

When you are suffering from pain and inflammation, there is nothing you wouldn’t do to relieve your symptoms and get back to the life that you led before. Unfortunately, when pain and inflammation are a part of your daily routine, you may wonder if there is anything that you can do about it.  If you have tried everything – pharmaceuticals, cold baths, ice packs, not moving around as much, reducing your stress, and in serious cases, surgery – you may find yourself feeling helpless and frustrated. Your life doesn’t have to be one never-ending cycle of frustration and failed attempts at a cure. You can get relief with the help of Capsicum.

What is Capsicum?

Capsicum is a naturally occurring compound found in spicy, hot peppers who are members of the genus Capsicum.  Despite popular belief that the seeds produce capsicum, this is not true.  However, the highest concentration of this substance is derived from the internal membranes that contain the seeds.  Capsicum is produced as a defense mechanism to protect the plant and seeds from animals and fungi.  This powerful compound causes intense burning sensations in any tissue that it comes in contact with.  One would think that this quality would make it unusable, but this is definitely not the case! It is now widely used to help with pain and inflammation.

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Why Does Capsicum Help With Pain and Inflammation?

Capsicum’s power to minimize both pain and inflammation comes from its ability to reduce the production of Substance P in the body. Substance P is a neurotransmitter for the human body that transmits signals of pain to your brain and central nervous system.  Basically, it informs your body when and where you have pain.  Capsicum decreases substance P, decreasing the amount of pain you feel.  As amazing as this attribute is, it is not the only thing that capsicum does for pain.  Capsaicin, found within capsicum, produces heat which stimulates circulation and increases blood flow to the site of pain.  These factors are essential to relieving pain and inflammation.

Is Capsicum Safe for Everyone?

Depending on how you take your Capsicum, it is important to pay attention to label warnings, and talk to your medical care provider to make sure it is safe for you. When you are ingesting capsicum, as many individuals do, it is important to note that this is an herbal solution, and that it can react with some medications. Individuals with sensitive stomachs and inflammatory conditions of the bowels or digestive system may find that ingesting capsicum is problematic.

But if you are hoping to use capsicum as a part of a regimen to relieve pain and inflammation topically, then this particular supplement should be safe, effective, and easy to use no matter who you are. Never use products containing capsicum on broken skin or open wounds; it can be harsh on sensitive skin. Also avoid getting capsicum in your mouth, eyes, or nose.

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