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Shoulder Pain Relief – What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Knowing what causes shoulder pain can help you and your doctor identify the best treatment for shoulder pain relief. Typically, shoulder soreness or stiffness is caused by injury. For example, baseball players and weight lifters often strain shoulder joints and muscles through over exertion or overuse.

The causes of shoulder pain are many. Examples include shoulder bursitis, tendonitis, dislocation, separation, and musculoskeletal instability. Shoulder problems are also caused by medical conditions such as a rotator cuff tear, a torn labrum, and even a bicep tendon rupture.

So how can you tell what causes shoulder pain in your particular instance? Look for signs such as sharp or persistent shoulder pains, an inability to carry objects, or visually noticeable symptoms such as swelling and redness. Shoulder pain relief starts with understanding what’s causing your shoulder pain.

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