Insight Into Central Pain Syndrome

What is central pain syndrome? It is a neurological condition that is basically caused by damage or in other cases dysfunction of the nervous systems in our bodies. Medically, this rare condition can be caused by tumors, spinal cord trauma and stroke among other causes. The condition may occur shortly after the injury in the central nervous. However, in other cases it may take several months or even years, more so if it is related to a post stroke. The injury normally happens in the thalamus; a very critical region that conveys sensory information, except smell to other crucial parts of the brain. In short, this medical condition is a pain that actually originates from the brain.

What are the Symptoms of Central Pain Syndrome?

CPS is often characterized by occasional pain, and one of the main being a burning sensation. The sensation often increases when the affected area is touched very lightly. The victim can also experience a lot of pain when temperatures changes, especially when it is very cold. Technically, the pain that is associated with this condition, in many cases, do differ from individual to individual because of several possible causes; the burning sensation may be a little bit constant, moderate or even very severe among the people having this problem. The extent of pain that is felt by an individual is often directly related to the cause of the injury in the central nervous system. Additionally, loss in sensation can happen in some of the affected areas, especially in distant body parts such as the feet and hands. It is not a fatal condition, but can cause chronic and disabling pain among its victims.

How Can It Be Treated?

Medically, treating this rear condition is very difficult and in many cases can not be 100% successful. Ideally, some pain medications may provide very little or no relief at all. However, some anticonvulsant like neurontin and antidepressant such as nortriptyline may be vey useful in treating this central nervous condition. Normally, medical experts highly recommend that patients who have this condition be sedated and the nervous system be made free from any kind of stress at all. All in all, a new antidepressant called duloxentie can be quite helpful in managing the condition. Besides, the drug has very little side effects unlike other drugs.

Other treatments that can be used to manage central pain syndrome include, physical therapies, topical medication, acupuncture and even electrical stimulation in the skin. However, these therapies have not been medically proven if they actually work, but in some victims they can be very beneficial. Additionally, neurosurgical procedures like brain simulation with electrodes may be applied; however, the effectiveness of these methods is still under research and further studies.

Medically, when it comes to central pain syndrome, there is not treatment that will work successfully. However, the pain can actually be managed. Antidepressants will work perfectly well in reduction of pain, but they are not really curative. All in all, we just have to wait as scientists continue to seek more effective ways to counter check this disorder.

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