Rheumatoid Arthritis – Some of the Treatment Options

When it comes to treating Rheumatoid arthritis, there is more than one solution to the problem. The long term disease, which leads to pain and inflammation of the joints, can affect any body part, and tends to cause severe discomfort in individuals who have it. Each case is different, and for this reason, the treatment options are going to differ; not only based on the pain and levels of swelling and stiffness, but also will depend on where the RA spreads, and the severity of the condition that the individual is suffering from.

Lifestyle changes –
One of the options available for treating Rheumatoid arthritis, is to make changes to your daily lifestyle. Balancing the amount of time you get between rest and exercise, changing the foods you eat, focusing on a low stress lifestyle, and regular doctor visits can all help with the treatment. This is for minor cases of RA, and for individuals who are not suffering severely; certain minor changes in your daily lifestyle, can go a long way to helping minimize the pain you experience.

Medication –
For those who suffer a more severe and painful form of Rheumatoid arthritis, there are medications which can be taken, both OTC, and prescription. Drugs used for swelling will be dependent on several factors including: severity, the individual’s general health, other medications they are taking, the drug’s strength, and the possibility of side effects. Not all medications will work in a similar manner for each user, and in some cases, it is going to require trying a few medications, to find the one which works best for you. Your doctor can prescribe the medication, based on an initial evaluation, and the additional factors listed above.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Surgery A Good Option?

For the most severe cases of Rheumatoid arthritis, a surgical procedure might be required, to help lessen the inflammation, and reduce the swelling and pain around the joints. Surgery will not only help with pain reduction, but by minimizing the amount of swelling, it can also help with better mobility and full range of motion around the joints. Surgery can also help get you back on your feet, and will allow you to do things you have not been able to do, because of the severe pain, inflammation, and swelling you were experiencing.

In many cases, visiting the doctor regularly, and doing some of the suggested exercises, and daily changes to your lifestyle, might suffice for those who have a minor case of Rheumatoid arthritis. it is a case by case evaluation, and the best way to determine the right treatment option, is to first visit your doctor, to discuss the methods that will work best for you, and the severity of the condition you are suffering from. Not all RA cases are the same, and for this reason, not all treatment plans will be the same. Depending on the severity, pain, swelling, and other health factors, each person is going to go through a different process, and will go through a different treatment plan, for their RA.

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