Heel Pain Relief – Some Of The Treatment Solutions

Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, or any other heel pain, finding the right heel pain relief and treatment for you is a case by case issue. Depending on what the root cause of the pain is, how long it has been experienced, the severity, and other surrounding circumstances, there are a number of treatment options a doctor or a specialist might suggest. The most severe cases may require surgery, but this is a last resort option, so you should consider the other viable treatment options, when you want to experience that relief.

Rest, pain relief, and exercise –

Sometimes, the heel pain relief you seek is possible via rest, pain medications, or certain exercises that are specifically designed to help stretch the heel. Rest and staying off your feet is a great way to alleviate pain; anti inflammatory drugs or medications are also a solution for some. There are different stretching exercises (including wall or stair stretches) that focus on the calves, heel, and the lower foot. By stretching you will improve balance and stability, helping alleviate the pain, and making it more manageable for you to do daily tasks if you do have to be on your feet.

Your shoes –

In certain cases, the heel pain relief you seek might come from a suggestion to change the shoes you wear. A specialist might tell you that you have to wear specific podiatry footwear, due to the formation or development of your feet. Additional cushioning will be provided to the heel, which can greatly help with the pain relief, especially over an extended period of time and changing all of the shoes you are currently wearing that have caused the issue to get worse over time.

Orthoses or pain injections –

These are insoles that are worn in the shoes to help provide more stability and balance, additional cushioning, and provide support to the injured area. If the pain does not subside, there are custom fit orthoses to help with the heel pain relief when you visit a podiatrist to treat the pain.

Corticosteroid injections are also a choice for alleviating pain; this is a top choice with athletes and others who are on their feet for extended periods and the pain does not subside after a period of time. The medication has an anti inflammatory effect, which should cause swelling to come down, and help alleviate the pain felt over the joints.

There are a few other treatments including strapping and splinting, or other topical medications and creams you can try. But, if the problem seems to persist, does not improve at all, or gets worse, it might be a case where a surgical procedure might be the only viable solution. When you seek heel pain relief, and the other treatment methods are not working, a specialist might suggest surgery if it is a bone, joint, or muscle injury that is the root cause and the above treatment and pain relief methods did not help alleviate the levels of pain.

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