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Muscle Pain Relief – Sore Joints

Sore Joints and Muscle Pain Relief

As we age, sore joints cry out for muscle pain relief. Joints and muscles aren’t the same, of course, but they’re closely related. Yard work, a new exercise routine, or some extra time on the treadmill can leave your back and knees feeling especially achy.

Don’t minimize the significance of sore joints, however. Osteoarthritis, an inflammatory condition that becomes more common as we get older, can keep you from participating in activities that you enjoy. So whether the cause of joint soreness is gardening or golf, consider all of your treatment options.

In cases of mild to moderate joint paint, a topical analgesic cream such as Bengay may provide some relief. Alternating treatments of ice and heat can help, too.  Ligament and meniscal problems are serious, so seek medical attention if home remedies and over-the-counter treatments fail to provide muscle pain relief.

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